News & Infos

  • 10.10.2017

    DENOG9 Agenda online


  • 25.07.2017

    Save the Date the real one: DENOG9 23./24.11.2017


  • 19.07.2017

    DENOG9 registration online



DENOG is the short form of 'German Network Operators Group' and itself describes as a forum for and about german network operators. It's similar to NANOG and SwiNOG.

As a forum, DENOG has no memberships and no official presence - whoever is interested can participate, there are numerous ways:


DENOG-Meetings are annual events to meet, talk and chat about all aspects of their work or to give lightning talks to network related topics.

Meetings are once a year and will be organized by DENOG members in Cooperation with a company who acts as a host. There is a meeting fee, however this is needed to support the official program, meeting venue; mainly sponsors cover most of the costs.

More information about the DENOG-Meetings can be found there.


Beerings are informal meetings of DENOGlers in Restaurants, Bars or Beergarten in various cities. Mostly those events will be called out spontanous by one or more inviduals, mostly organized thru the mailing list. There is no official agenda and no sponsors.


The main communication channel of DENOG: mailing list. Within, interesting topics are discussed amongs DENOG members.


IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat and and such is a real time communication protocol.
To discuss with others, you need install a IRC client.
Windows user mostly install mIRC, Linux/Unix-User tend to use the irssi, EPIC or BitchX.
Users of Mac OS X use LimeChat oder Colloquy.

The DENOG Channel can be found under #DENOG on IRCNet - it's being visited 24/7. To get an overview about the inviduals, check the chatlist here.


The collected knowledge of the DENOG community is collected on the Wiki. Feel free to participate.